5 Ways to Prevent Injuries on Moving Day

It’s probably happened to you. Just when you can least afford it, your back goes out on moving day. It makes sense because moving day is when you are doing a lot of unusual activity, especially if you’re doing industrial moving. You’re bending over, picking up heavy loads, and probably contorting your body to unplug lamps and get a handle on furniture so you can shift it. Here are some tips on how to prevent injuries on moving day.

1. Walk In A Straight Line, Not Sideways

When you have two people carrying something, usually no one wants to be the person who has to walk backwards. But trying to move things sideways forces you to move in an unnatural way. Your lower back has to twist so you can carry the load, but still turn your upper torso so you can see where you’re going. Always walk straight, with one person walking backward.

2. Carry High, Not Low

Carry something as simple as a box can put undue strain on your back if you carry it low. The weight of the box pulls at your upper torso, which puts all the force on your lower back. Carry items like boxes up high so your spine is straight and the force can be handled with your whole body, not just one spot.

3. Hold Boxes Close To The Body

If you’ve ever tried to hold something heavy out away from your body, you know the strain that puts on your back. To ensure that the weight is supported correctly, hold boxes tight against your body. This evenly distributes the weight of the box.

4. Move Slowly

You don’t realize how accustomed you’ve become to the layout of your office or residence until you move things around and start banging into things. On moving day, everything will be out of place, especially if you’re doing industrial moving Calgary. It’s too easy to hit your foot against office equipment or furniture or run into a column of boxes as you rush to get to the other side of the room. Move extra slowly on moving day to ensure you don’t incur one of those accidental injuries from bumping into something.

5. Use Furniture Sliders

Instead of lifting every piece of furniture, you might be able to use furniture slider to push heavier pieces across the room. Furniture sliders come with convertible “feet” for carpets or hard floor surfaces. If you can’t find them at the store, ask your moving company for furniture sliders.

These five tips might just prevent you from getting an unexpected and inconvenient injury the next time you move.