Six Factors to Consider When Selecting Packaging Material

When consumers are shopping for goods, it is the product packaging that they see first. The packaging of an item can thus influence the buyer’s decision. Besides the product’s attractiveness, the complex supply chain and strict compliance regulations have also pushed manufacturers to take packaging seriously. Producers ought to consider these factors when selecting packaging supplies.

1. Material

Various materials can be used as packaging supplies. The choice of material you should use will determine how well protected the item will be during transportation. For instance, paperboard is both lightweight and firm. Thus, it can be utilized in an array of applications such as in the dairy, cosmetics, food, hardware and pharmaceutical items. On the other hand, corrugated boards are flexible thus ideal for fragile goods. Corrugated cardboard is made of paperboard and laminated using fluted medium paper.

2. Description

If it is primary packaging, ensure that there is a proper description that explains the product’s uses and ingredients. Include enough details such that the consumer is compelled to purchase the good. As for secondary packaging, make sure that the there is a description that shows the type of items inside and how they should be handled. That makes it easier for the transporters to handle the products appropriately to prevent damages.

3. Size matters

The products should fit in the packaging containers. If you cannot find a container that can hold your items, consider ordering for custom boxes. You might be required to design more than one package for all your goods. Custom boxes not only save you money and time, but they also ensure consistency in all your products. People prefer consistency; thus this will have a positive impact on your brand.

4. Consider the transportation mode

Every form of transport subjects shipments to varied levels of physical forces and environmental exposure. Cargo and security regulations are usually mode-specific. If you shrink wrap your goods, it is possible for them to get damaged during transit. Therefore, ensure that the products are packaged in a material that will withstand all the checks and other challenges experienced while on transit.

5. Understand your audience

One of the top considerations especially for primary packaging is the package’s appeal to the target population. If your product is meant for children, ensure you incorporate styles that will charm the little ones. If it is a ladies’ beauty product, ensure that the package includes an illustration that will convince the women to purchase the item.

6. Color of packaging

The color of the packaging material is another important consideration. For starters, it can affect how fast a product moves into the market. If you are selling a naturally produced product, green would be appropriate for the package. Children prefer bright colors since they are attractive to the eye. From the color, a consumer can easily tell what product is inside. Learn more by visiting the Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd website.